about the Future Human

Hello friends. Welcome to Future Humanoid. Here is a place for you to work with us to help you to become a future human.

Most of the time, artists are lucky enough to have managers/ agents, PR firms, etc for help in departments of need. However, these things can be pricey for some up & coming acts. So the idea behind becoming a future human through Future Humanoid is that we can help each other! Services offered include, but are not limited to promotional publicity for your art mediums, such as creating a Wikipedia page, submitting your music to Pandora, updating/ creating your IMDB page, helping with getting your work submitted to blogs, etc.

All services are based on a sliding scale. Services will vary depending on your current state of success, meaning  what can truly be done to help you or not. If you are interested in becoming a Future Human, please fill out the form below, & in the comments section, speak about your desires. You will be notified shortly with some ideas of how we can learn to help each other.

If you’d like to check out a few links to some future humans, here’s your chance

Andrew Collberg was successfully submitted to Pandora


He also now is a published Wikipedia artist! Woo hoo, read all about it!


Ever want to know just how many episodes of Adventure Time were written and story boarded by Jesse Moynihan? Check out his IMDB!


If these are any sort of service you need, please be in touch!


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